Teaching High School Students the Importance of Keeping Toronto Clean

Keeping our city, Toronto, clean is essential for many reasons. A clean city not only looks beautiful but also helps maintain a healthy environment. When we keep our surroundings clean, we reduce the risk of diseases, protect wildlife, and ensure a pleasant place for everyone to live. It’s important for us, as residents, to take responsibility for our city and take small steps every day to make a big difference. One way to instill these values in students is through classroom review games for high school. These games can make learning about …

Stewardship Events and Tree Planting Calendar

Join us for upcoming tree planting and stewardship events in Toronto! These events offer opportunities for hands-on involvement in enhancing our urban green spaces and contributing to the city’s tree canopy.

Upcoming Events

Community Tree Planting Day

Date: Saturday, March 15th

Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00

PM Location: High Park

Description: Join us for a community tree planting event in the picturesque surroundings of High Park.

Volunteers …

Long-Term Environment Management Program for the Community

This program aids in diminishing the volume of reusable or recyclable waste destined for landfills and facilitates the safe disposal of household hazardous waste.

Items for Pickup and Drop-Off

We pick-up 2 bagged compost for every household for free until our supplies last. For purchasing, we offer containers for organics if you’re interested. As per drop off, we do electronic waste and household hazardous waste, for up to 50 kilograms or 50 liters in total.

If you want to donate, we accept these:

Accessories, clothing, footwear, linens, etc…

Let’s Clean Together as a Community

A heartfelt thank you extends to all the residents, businesses, schools, and dedicated volunteers who united with us  in this community clean-up drive.

Over the course of this impactful event, spanning Friday through Sunday, more than 1,000 cleanups unfolded throughout the city. A remarkable turnout of over 70,000 volunteers generously contributed their time and efforts to tackle litter across Toronto’s parks, beaches, and various public spaces.

As we cherish the collective achievements of this event, let’s uphold the spirit of civic responsibility beyond these dates. Whenever you encounter litter, …

Rethink Your Food Choices

Toronto has a profound affinity for cuisine, and it’s not unexpected given our proximity to some of Canada’s most fertile agricultural regions. Our city takes pride in its culinary diversity, considering it one of our paramount strengths.

However, amidst a constantly expanding array of culinary options, the environmental repercussions of our culinary passion are substantial and on the rise. To sustain Toronto’s progress in sustainability, enhance economic prosperity, and bolster food security, it’s imperative that we reassess our connection with food in this ever-evolving era of choices.

Turning Transportation to Low Carbon

Transportation stands as the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Toronto, comprising 33 percent of the total emissions. The usage of fossil fuels to power cars, trucks, ships, trains, and planes leads to GHG emissions. A significant portion (70 percent) of transportation emissions originates from personal vehicles such as cars, vans, SUVs, and light trucks utilized by individuals or households.

To align with our 2030 reduction targets and ultimately attain net-zero status by 2040, it is imperative to minimize vehicular trips by transitioning to walking, cycling, or using public transit. Simultaneously…

Steps to Help the Bees and Other Wild Pollinators

Did you know that Toronto is home to over 360 species of bees? If you want to know more about helping them and their other pollinator friends, you can learn more about how to naturally support them in sustainable ways here.

Upcoming Events

The Star of Pollination, Soil Health, and More – All You Need to Know About Beetles – Jan, 2024

How to Design Your Every Own Pollinator Garden – March, 2024

Let Native Plants Dominate Your Lawn Instead – March, 2024

Get to Know the Bumble Bee Queen – March, 2024…

Green Home Incentives and Rebates

Now is the opportune moment to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, thanks to accessible simple solutions, low-interest loans, and substantial rebates amounting to thousands of dollars. The provided table outlines incentives offered by the City of Toronto and utility companies, encompassing programs tailored for low-income households.

These are the available investives for homeowners who decide to make their homes green.

Air Sealing

Incentives: up to $1,300

Requirements: Homeowners in Toronto undertaking both pre- and post-Home Energy …

5 Ways that Vaping Can Help the Environment

Vaping has often been discussed in the context of health debates and smoking cessation. However, there’s another aspect that deserves attention: its potential environmental benefits. While no activity is entirely free of environmental impact, vaping, when compared to traditional cigarette smoking, presents some interesting ecological advantages. To discover more about vaping, explore our e-liquids and learn how they can be a part of this environmentally-conscious choice.

Let’s explore five ways vaping can actually …

Prepare for Extreme Weathers to Come

Toronto anticipates facing elevated temperatures and increased heat events in the coming years. Projections suggest that by 2040-2050, the city could encounter around 66 days with maximum temperatures exceeding 30°C.

Given the unpredictable nature of extreme weather, which can occur without much warning, it is crucial for both residents and businesses to align their efforts with the city’s initiatives aimed at enhancing overall resilience to climate change and extreme weather conditions. It’s essential for people to:

Know the possible impacts and risks of extreme weather

Take action in weather-…